Brunch. Dinner. Cocktails.

Bistro 303 Fast Facts

  • Bistro 303 has been in business since Sept. 19th 2003.
  • Our Dining room showcases a 22 piece collection of original art pieces by local artists, spanning 50 years. Many of these pieces are irreplaceable
  • Our Chef, Paul Mullins, has worked in the building for 20 years (long before the Bistro came to be).  At that time, David Rabinowitz and Steve Chick’s METROPOLIS occupied the space.  Bistro 303 would do an extensive remodel in 2003.
  • Bistro 303 was the first gay bar in Kansas City to have windows looking out to the street. The owners made a conscious decision not to black out or paint over the windows. They wanted to be more-a-part of the neighborhood, and for the rest of the world to see how much fun we have!